Post Nominals

As a UNE Partnerships graduate you are entitled to use post nominals to reflect the qualification you have achieved. Please refer to the table below for correct post nominals for your UNE Partnerships qualification or call the Industry Manager should you need further assistance.

Business and Management – Business Qualifications
Certificate IV in Business Cert IV Bus
Diploma of Business Dip Bus
Advanced Diploma of Business AdDip Bus
Business and Management – Leadership Qualifications
Certificate IV in Leadership and Management Cert IV Ldrshp & Mgt
Diploma of Leadership and Management Dip Ldrshp & Mgt
Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management AdDip Ldrshp & Mgt
Business and Management – Certified CEO Program
Certified CEO Program1 CCEO
Certified CEO Program2 CCEO(prov)
Facilities Management
Diploma of Facilities Management Dip Fac Mgt
Government and Procurement
Diploma of Government Dip Gov
Diploma of Procurement and Contracting Dip Proc&Contract
Health and Medical
Certificate III in Business Administration (Medical) Cert III Bus Admin (Med)
Certificate IV in Medical Practice Assisting Cert IV MPA
Diploma of Professional Practice Leadership Dip Prof Prac Ldshp
Project Management
Certificate IV in Project Management Practice Cert IV Proj Mgt Prac
Diploma of Project Management Dip Proj Mgt
Advanced Diploma of Program Management AdDip Prog Mgt


1, 2 Subject to additional eligibility criteria and application to The CEO Institute