Project Management

UNE Partnerships is a global leader in contemporary Project Management training.

With over 30 years experience in distance and online education, our nationally recognised and globally relevant qualifications include the Certificate IV in Project Management Practice and the Diploma of Project Management, which now features an Accelerated study mode for busy professionals!


Certificate IV in Project Management Practice


This qualification is suited to project team members whose task is to coordinate one or more elements of a project and provide direct support to the project manager. This course provides essential skills to contribute to the successful planning of projects and coordinate their many elements in line with the wider needs and objectives of the group within which they run.

Diploma of Project Management


This qualification is suited to project managers who are responsible for the entire lifecycle of a project. It provides the skills and working knowledge, as well as the understanding of methods, techniques and tools available, to plan and manage projects that achieve the goals and objectives important to project managers and their organisation.

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