What is Vocational Education?

Vocational Courses to upgrade your skills

Practical and targeted vocational education courses offer a tangible return on investment for employers and for employees. It enables students to develop new skills or enhance existing skills, and opens pathways to further study at university or other higher educational institutions.

We build our services on these foundations:

  • Practical and workplace focused. Apply the theory into a modern workplace.
  • Courses for the real world. Training materials are developed, delivered and assessed by experienced trainers and industry practitioners.
  • Customisable. Our ‘Professional Practice Management programs’ are customised specifically for Health, Dental, Veterinary and Legal practices; we often tailor course material from our Business, Government and Project Management programs to a specific organisation.
  • Flexible. Study at your own pace and in many cases, enrol at any time.
    Varied study options. Choose from distance based programs or incorporate some face to face workshop delivery.
  • Extensive feedback and support while you study. Direct contact with your trainers or with our support team.

Most of our courses are nationally accredited. Your success will be recognised across Australia.

Vocational education and training (VET) builds skills which are applied directly into the workplace. Training delivery is governed through specific guidelines devised by the National Skills Standards Council, in consultation with industry.

The national training system promotes quality and consistency across Australia. Each specific industry or sector can develop a training package which identifies the required skills and knowledge to perform effectively within that sector. The training package will define how these skills are developed through specific units of competency that form the requirements of the training package.

In Australia, the VET system is provided by government-registered training organisations (RTOs).  These include high schools, the TAFE network, private training and education providers such as UNE Partnerships Pty Ltd, adult and community education, and universities.  VET offers nationally recognised qualifications, from certificates through to diplomas and advanced diplomas and on to vocational graduate diplomas.

UNE Partnerships is a Registered Training Organisation (National ID 6754).

Why VET?

The VET system’s greatest strength is its flexibility.  VET students have learning and study options not normally available to students outside the sector.  Programs are delivered through including online, distance education, and in the workplace. Programs can be customised to suit individual, industry or particular workplace needs.

The flexibility in VET programs extends to assessment methods and study timetables: students can learn at a pace that suits their workplace and their family and personal demands.

A national Australian Quality Training Framework sets rigorous quality standards for all Registered Training Organisations. Students who have acquired skills through previous workplace or other training may be eligible for those skills or experience to be officially acknowledged through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), then credited towards current VET studies.

Flexibility in program content and course delivery also extends to flexibility of access.  VET students enjoy an equality of access to VET programs irrespective of location, employment status, or demographic background.

Lastly, successful VET study opens defined pathways to university awards, both undergraduate and postgraduate. These pathways complement the acquisition and enhancement of workplace or vocational skills, with the status of university degrees.

How does it work?

Competency based training is at the heart of VET programs. Competency based training requires students to demonstrate that they have attained specific industry standards, which are current, reviewed regularly, and workplace-relevant.

Through achieving nationally recognised competencies, the successful VET student acquires new skills and knowledge or consolidates existing skills and knowledge that are valuable and contemporary to the individual student and their current or future employer.

Australian Qualifications Framework

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) details recognised levels of study for post-school students. Awards start at Certificate 1 and progress to Diploma, on to Bachelor and through to Doctoral degrees.

While the study level increases with each step, there is no requirement for students to approach their studies in a linear fashion. For example a student might enrol in a Bachelors degree at a university. At completion, they may enter the workforce. At that point they have limited skills and experience in the application of their knowledge. They may choose to enrol in a Certificate IV or Diploma level course as a vehicle to develop skills in a workplace setting.

This is often seen in the engineering sector, where graduate engineers might undertake vocational training in project management. In other technical fields, professionals may move into supervisory/managerial roles with limited prior management experience. Such people might have a degree in information technology and then enrol in a Certificate IV in Frontline Management.

Further information on vocational education and training in Australia can be found on the National Training Information Service, www.training.gov.au.


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